No Schmuck's Policy

Quality of Our Relationships

From General Managers to our Vendors & Beyond!

As Neighborhood Ventures, Inc. began to grow, we looked around and realized that there were a lot of great people who believed in us and wanted to see us succeed. There were new people coming into our lives as well. Some of these new people have turned into valuable relationships that we work hard to maintain. Others were simply looking to make a quick buck. What started as kind of a joke has turned into one of the company standards.

This standard is known as our “No Schmucks Policy.”

Everyone that we deal with, from our General Managers to our dishwashers, from our fish vendors to our construction contractors to our franchisees all are great people. These are people that we are proud to be associated with and who are proud of their relationship with us. They are usually not the least expensive or the fastest but they are people who take great pride in their work, have strong morals and ethics and who always choose to do the right thing. We believe very firmly that if we want to be a company based on quality that we must begin with the quality of our relationships.