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We Don’t Blame You!

Seaport Warehouse Meets Neighborhood Joint

Dear Friend,

Fish City Grill is a fresh and exciting, neighborhood seafood “joint”. The popularity of Fish City Grill is based upon its ability to deliver great quality seafood at affordable prices with friendly service, in a comfortable, warm and cozy atmosphere.

The menu at Fish City Grill consists of high quality seafood with a few non-seafood items. The chef-driven menu items are primarily made in-house, from scratch. Signature items include Oyster Nachos & Serafin’s Fish Tacos. Both items have been part of the Fish City Grill brand since its inception.

The chalkboard is our most unique feature for offering fresh and seasonal items. The chalkboard specials allow us to change our daily offerings to keep us relevant, current and regional. The chalkboards also allow each store to choose the specials that appeal to the customers in their particular neighborhood. With the flexibility of the chalkboard, there is always something new and different.

The atmosphere of a Fish City Grill is reminiscent of an old seaport warehouse district. Brick walls, dark woods and a prominent and beautiful wood and concrete bar allude to a turn of the century feel. Yet large prints and lighting add a contemporary element.

We target upscale and unique areas to locate our restaurants. Our ideal restaurant footprint is 2,000 to 2,700 square feet. This affords us the ability to build in places that larger ‘big box’ concepts cannot. What truly sets us apart and guides us is our Brand DNA:

Unique Concept with Tremendous Opportunity

  • Seaport Warehouse Meets Neighborhood Joint
  • More Funk, Less Junk
  • Relevant, Current, Regional
  • Simple, Pure, True
  • Whatever It Takes
  • More Chalkboard
  • I Get All This Here!

Fish City Grill is truly a unique concept with tremendous opportunity. The experience is fun and rewarding. We hope that you will consider joining our family.

Bill and Lovett Bayne


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