2015 Crawfish Season is Here!

Last year was disappointing for crawfish lovers: the long extended icy temps kept crawfish ponds from letting our mudbugs get big and fat. This year is a whole new tune… even though the last couple of weeks have been bitter, the majority of the season has really been mild. A great climate for rice, which crawfish love to eat… and for CRAWFISH, which we love to eat!

Our crawfish still come from our usual supplier in Branch, Louisiana. They own the ponds, they catch the mudbugs, and they bring them straight to us! No middle man, no sitting on an airplane tarmac in California. Just fresh Louisiana crawfish, ready for the boiling pot.

We boil them spicy, with Nitro seasoning and of course some sweet corn and potatoes in there. How many pounds can you eat? We’ll just keep on bringing them out.

Now, if you don’t eat boiled crawfish (we don’t judge), we’ve also got our Crawfish Etouffee, Crawfish Half-and-Half (a plate of half etouffee, half fried crawfish tails), and the ever-popular Crawfish Po’Boy. And don’t be surprised to see fresh crawfish tails popping up in some of your favorite fish dishes too… they make great toppers and sauces.

And let’s all give thanks that Mother Nature has decided to make up for the cold 2014 season, with crawfish that are going to be big and meaty and sweet for the weeks to come.

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