Friendly Folks
Serious Seafood

Chargrilled Arctic Char with Peaches

Char is a dense coldwater fish with a similar texture to Atlantic salmon. We’re chargrilling it with brown butter, almonds and fresh ripe peaches, over cheesy grits. Only available on the chalkboard through August, so don’t miss it!

Yellowfin Tuna Tacos

Sushi-grade yellowfin tuna is seared and topped with crunchy jicama mango salsa and chunky avocado ranch dressing in corn tortillas, alongside jalapeno cheddar rice… One of the items on our chalkboard right now… where each restaurant features their neighborhood’s favorite seafood dishes using seasonal ingredients and the freshest fish. Only through August!

Wild Alaskan Salmon

This is the time of year when Alaskan fishermen pull the freshest wild salmon out of cold northern waters and rush them to our kitchen. We feature this healthy, flavorful, rich red fish in seasonal dishes on our chalkboard… don’t miss it!

Oyster Nacho

Our self-declared World Famous Oyster Nachos are unlike anything you’ve ever tried. We start with fried oysters, homemade chipotle tartar sauce and fresh pico de gallo. Love ‘em or we’ll buy ‘em!

Friendly Folks

Our bar is welcoming, relaxed & friendly – just what a neighborhood bar should be! Cold beer, classic cocktails and great wine are part of the Fish City Grill experience. Cheers!

Fresh Fish. Twice Daily.

In addition to the menu, each restaurant features their neighborhood’s favorite seafood dishes on the chalkboard using seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood. Check it out – the chalkboard specials change twice a day!